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3rd FHM Development Economics Workshop: Globalization and Distributional Conflict in Developing Countries


3rd FHM Development Economics Workshop:

Globalization and Distributional Conflict in Developing Countries

Friday, October 20, 2017, 10:00-18:15, joint dinner from 18:30

Heidelberg University, Bergheimer Straße 58, Room 02.023





9:30   Reception with coffee

10:00 Welcome/Introduction, Andreas Fuchs (Heidelberg)

10:15 Session 1 (Chair: Sarah Langlotz)

Albrecht Bohne (Mannheim), Learning Dynamics in Tax Bunching at the Kink: Evidence from Ecuador (with Jan Sebastian Nimczik)
Discussant: Dany Jaimovich (Frankfurt)

Dominik Naeher (Frankfurt), Agricultural Input Decisions in the Presence of Complementarities: A Rational Inattention Model
Discussant: Atika Pasha (Mannheim)

11:45 Coffee break

12:15 Session 2 (Chair: Michael Schleicher)

Katharina Richert (Heidelberg), The Political Economy of International Finance Corporation Lending (with Axel Dreher)
Discussant: Konstantin Wacker (Mainz)

13:00 Lunch at Thanaphon Thai Restaurant, Bahnhofstraße 19

14:15 Session 3 (Chair: Sebastian Ziaja)

Sarra Ben Yahmed (ZEW Mannheim), Gender, Informal Employment and Trade Liberalisation in Mexico (with Pamela Bombarda)
Discussant: Kristina Czura (LMU Munich)

Stefan Klonner (Heidelberg), Pricing of Social Health Insurance: Evidence from Burkina Faso (with Michael Schleicher)
Discussant: Adrien Bouguen (Mannheim)

15:45 Group photo and coffee break

16:30 Session 4 (Chair: Axel Dreher)

Jan Trenczek (Mainz), Labor Misallocation and Income Differences: A Generalized Sensitivity Analysis on a Panel of Countries
Discussant: Emilia Soldani (Frankfurt)

Rajesh Ramachandran (Frankfurt & Heidelberg), Linguistic Diversity, Official Language Choice and Nation Building: Theory and Evidence (with David D. Laitin)
Discussant: Lennart Kaplan (Heidelberg)

18:00 Closing remarks/Invitation for next FHM, Adrien Bouguen (Mannheim)

18:15 End of formal program

18:30 Joint Dinner at Restaurant Tati, Bergheimer Str. 139



We gratefully acknowledge Heidelberg University’s Field of Focus 4 “Self-Regulation and Regulation: Individuals and Organizations” and the Department of Development Economics of the South Asia Institute (Stefan Klonner) for their generous funding of the 3rd FHM Development Workshop!






Local program committee: Axel Dreher, Andreas Fuchs, Stefan Klonner, Sarah Langlotz, Michael Schleicher, and Sebastian Ziaja

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