About UsEqual Opportunities at the Faculty

Die Fakultät für Wirtschafts- und Sozialwissenschaften bekennt sich zu dem Grundsatz der Gleichberechtigung von Männern und Frauen und der Förderung von Vielfalt (Diversity) in allen Leistungsbereichen der Universität. Sie folgt dem Leitbild der Universität Heidelberg „zu Diversität und Gleichstellung aller ihrer Mitglieder“ und tritt dafür ein, Männern und Frauen Chancengleichheit zu bieten und die Vereinbarkeit von Beruf und Familie zu ermöglichen.

The Faculty is consistent with the DFG's principles following cascade-model of the Scientific Council. Its measures are targeted to promote the ratio increase of female staff in qualification levels that are currently underrepresented. Much success has been accomplished in this regard in recent years due to an active recruitment in the context of application processes and a selective promotion of junior talents, in particular of young female researchers. 

Apart from the formal principles, a mutual cooperation and support between men and women is notable at the Faculty. That is evident not only due to gender equality in distribution of committee members, but alsoin respect of  common involvement of female scientists in research cooperations. Equality is not just a target, in fact, it is applied effectively in corporate reality. Further, gender equality is evident due to the fact that apart from female professors, male professors, postdocs and PhD students take parental leave as well.