PromotionsverfahrenHeiDOCS Grants and Support

Doctoral candidates can apply for heiDOCS funding programs that comprise the following catalogue:

  1. Mobility Funding
    • Travelling to meetings and conferences
    • Participation in summer/winter schools
    • Research trips
    • Temporary funding for:
  2. Temprary Funding for:
    • start-up financing  in case of transition to Master/PhD studies /Postdoc
    • Graduation of PhD studies (tendering according to the Federal Graduate Funding Programme twice a year im March/April and September/Oktober)
  3. Quality Objectives of PhD Studies
    • Publication (from proof-reading up to subsidies)
    • Projects (from supervision up to project grants)
  4. Doctoral Initiatives
    • Workshops and 
    • Vernetzungstreffen
    • Veranstaltungen und Veranstaltungsreihen

Measures of Granting Support

(1) Travel grants

Travel Grants for:

  • Conferences
  • Summer/Winter Schools etc.
  • research trip abroad (for a period of maximum one month)
  • research stay abroad (for a period of one to three months)

(2) Grants for Professional Proofreading of Academic Texts for Publication

(3) Grants for the Purchase and/or Collection of Data Sets

(4) Grants to Support Doctoral Common Initiatives, for example, Workshops and Conferences